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Polishing Cloth


Dual Layer treated Polish & Buff Cloth

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Polish and Buff your jewellery with this double-layered cloth designed to removes fingerprints, residue, moisture, filth, and dust particles from jewelry, silverware, antiques, watch bands, gem stones, optical lenses, metal surfaces, and other valued items. The white interior polishing cloth has been treated with jewellers’ rouge and specially designed to remove tarnish, grease, dirt, etc. from metal surfaces.

Size: 6” x 6” 
Blue outer layer: Buffing cloth 
White inner layer: treated Polishing cloth 

1. Rub the item surface with the white polishing cloth. (Avoid touching the white polishing side with your bare hands).
2. Fold the cloth and buff the metal surface with the blue side to achieve your desired result.

*It is recommended to have designated cloths per item type (i.e. gold and silver) to avoid accidentally scratching your jewellery, certain gemstones and other items.  This item may not be suitable for some items, such as delicate gemstones and 24 karat gold.


Weight 20 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 0.1 in


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